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Stratus Mining – Taking Mining to the next Level

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What is STRATUS Mining?

STRATUS Mining Ltd. allows you to purchase shares in mining hardware without having to deal with the complex set up of hardware and software. We are a team of Mining experts with their own mining hardware. Since mining is very energy consuming, we developed a sustainable solution using renewable energy from hydropower plants that offer lower electricity costs as well as cooling for the graphic cards.

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Introducing the Future of Crypto-Mining

The most efficient and eco friendly mining facility in Europe, hosted in container solution provided by STRATUS-
Discover the world of profitable and eco friendly mining in Austria, the heart of Europe

Fair Price

For STRATUS it is top priority to provide a fair price to performance ratio that is achieved by a specific developed mining software.

More Value for your Money

⋅Low cost high-performance hardware
· Maximum efficiency at lowest power consumption
· Intelligent Mining Coin Software
· No hidden fees

User Safety

Maximum security through the integration of the blockchain technology into STRATUS' daily business and for all user payouts

blockchain advantage

⋅Blockchain-based customer payouts
⋅ Reducing the risk of data loss
⋅ Increasing user transparency
⋅ Enhancing trust

Green Mining

By using hydropowerplants to meet its energy needs, STRATUS lowers energy price fluctuations and makes its energy production more sustainable

Sustainable Solution

⋅ hydropower operated
⋅ environment friendly + economically efficient
⋅ Scalability given by three hydropowerplants

Austrian Based

As STRATUS is 100 % Austrian based we can guarantee highest security standards - providing mining power in the heart of Europe

Heart of the Alps

· Political stability and reliable legal system
· Outstanding level of energy security
· Ideal East West Business Hub

More than just Mining

We provide durable solutions for mining beginner as well as for mining experts. Giving the user full transparency through the provision of live mining stats and blockchain secured payouts.  Furthermore, we suggest our customers to reinvest or to refer to a friend, thus making extra money with our attractive referral program.